Cyberwarfare with SixthSense: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology

Pranav Mistry demos several tools that help the physical world interact with the world of data -- including a deep look at his SixthSense device and a new, paradigm-shifting paper "laptop." In an onstage Q&A, Mistry says he'll open-source the software behind SixthSense, to open its possibilities to all.

I respect Pranav Mistry for bringing this great technology and point of view to the public. But as i started watching the TED video i thought about the potential of the SixthSense device for the intelligence, hacktivism and security world.


With the SixthSense device that you can build up for 350 dollar you can collect an amazing amount of information without getting caught or being tagged as an suspicious person. 

When you enter an building you use the "Picture" function to collect information that you might need to get the job done. 

And when it comes to OSINT it is endless. Using the "Facebook Face" database to recognize people on the street. Knowing exactly how much they earn, where they life and what they do for an living. 

This will open a lot of doors for criminals as it will for the hand of justice.

You would be the 007 from 2012! 


An hacktivist could use this to attack an online environment using functions on the device to break in building. Using an "SixthSense LOIC" weapon to bring companies down. Hacktivist will use the SixthSense device as an weapon to feed an hacktivist army. 

Imagine an Anonymous protest with 50 000 people in it. What whould they do?

Cyber Security 

The device could be used as an Pentesting tool or packet inspector. Imagine you are sitting in front of an computer with Wireshark enabled and you wish to track an packet. You could track the packet via the Wireshark interface or you could just GRAB the packet and make it visibile. Showing you what is in the packet and what it is doing with your network. 

Simply point the Sixthsense device to an Firewall and grab all of the credentials, default passwords, flaws and config. 


This device could start some real trouble. If you can point and communicate with other SixthSense devices than it also means you can manipulate them and infect them with malware. It stays code. 

  • Changing credentials 
  • Stealing credentials
  • Making sure someone does not make an appointment on time
  • Providing wrong agenda or medical describtion

It really is an thrilling potential! 

But i do believe that it will do more good than it will do harm. Now, who is going to manufacter these devices? so i can get one. 

Questions to the reader

What is your point of view on the following:

  • The device will allow you to recognize people as it will allow others to recognize you. Do you see it as an infringment on your privacy?
  • The errors that are being made in the world could be reduced in an massive way when people start using the SixthSense device - Do you think it will be using in the Medical environment in the future? and why?
  • Cyberwarfare: SixthSense device as an weapon of mass destruction. Do you think that it can happen?
  • SixthSense as an Bigbrother for governments. Do you think that it can happen and why?

Share the video with your friends and relatives. It will bring up some interesting or funny conversations. 


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