Cyberwarfare : Ballistic Missile Defense

After North Korea failed satellite launch is more calls for ballistic missile defence system.

Frank Rose, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for space and defence policy in the US said: "There is a need for a phased adaptive approach to missile defence."

"Missile defence plays an important role in the broader US international security strategy, supporting both deterrence and diplomacy." Rose said:

"This missile defence architecture will feature deployments of increasingly-capable sea- and land-based missile interceptors, primarily upgraded versions of the Standard Missile-3 (SM-3), and a range of sensors in Europe to defend against the growing ballistic missile threats," added Rose.

He pointed out: "This phased approach develops the capability to augment protection against long-range ballistic missile threats, and to offer more effective defences against more near-term ballistic missile threats."

North Korea fired a long-range rocket Friday and aborted 90-second flight of a three-stage rocket  far shy of what’s necessary to reach orbit  suggested that North Korea hasn’t yet perfected a weapons system capable of reaching the United States. 


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