The Cyberwar and Cybercrime bubble

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Cybercrime (Cyberwar) is the key to the future. With the fear of Cyberwar and Cyber Terrorism the industry will grow - creating work, a new market and a new vision.

The Cyberwar Bubble 

Since 9/11 there is a booming industry in Security. The industry has created work and made a market were even civilians can be part of. 

Taking the Estonia vs Russia conflict -- The Wikileaks conflict -- The stuxnet issue with us, we can develop a vision about the coming future. What kind of threats should be taking in mind ? 

  1. Attacks on Critical Infrastructures.
  2. Taking a country down. 
  3. Fake information.
  4. Espionage
  5. Cybercrime

The attacks on critical infrastructures is a real threat we are dealing with as we speak. The Stuxnet code attacked the Nuclear facility in Iran. In Africe the traffic infrastructure works on a GSM network. These kinds of infrastructures should be protected by security experts. 

I would love to unleash a discussion down here -- share your knowledge with the world ! 

This is a short article - just a introduction. - No spelling check. 


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