Cyberspy technology made ​​in Germany

Siemens has delivered surveillance technology to Syria. Other German companies made spyware for authoritarian regimes.

With all the violence is Syria's Assad in power against the rebellious population. Even refugees in the Turkish border are fired. The shocking images of violence come almost exclusively over the Internet from the country, but who invites those phone recordings on Youtube are living dangerously. Again and again activists and bloggers are arrested and tortured. During interrogations, they are confronted by e-mail or live recordings of their internet traffic passing through the monitoring of the Internet by Syrian cyberpolice

The necessary technology for this project is from the West, German companies are involved, so the reported ARD magazine

Fact that Siemens has delivered surveillance technology to the Assad regime. The Munich-based company acknowledged, then, in 2000, have provided a monitoring center to Syria. 2008 was another shipment of Nokia Siemens Networks.

Cyberspy technology lucrative business

Earlier the company was due to the delivery of its monitoring systems have been criticized and even a different company is no stranger: Utimaco from Aachen. The company offers the example Utimaco Lawful Interception Management System (LIMS) to - "for telecommunications service providers and network operators to legally-compliant monitoring of telecommunications services."

According fact show internal accounting records that Utimaco has supplied components for the 2005 monitoring center in Syria. Even in other parts of the Syrian case came sniffing network from Aachen: Last year it was revealed that had the Italian IT services area available monitoring systems, while also began Software from Utimaco.

The monitoring business is lucrative. More than three billion dollars each year to be implemented with monitoring technology, estimates the market research firm TeleStrategies. At trade shows such as "ISS World" or the "Cyber ​​Warfare Europe" promote the company their latest products. "Know thy enemy", for example, Utimaco said in a presentation

The buyers of cyberspy programs, preferably, an authoritarian regime, as has been demonstrated repeatedly in recent times.

Example, Egypt

When the protesters stormed the building in Cairo, the domestic intelligence agency, the manuals and training materials of the British Gammagroup were found, one of which includes the Gamma International GmbH based in Munich.

Part of the gamma-portfolio monitoring software Finfisher. "German Finfisher is one hundred percent, that is developed in Germany," spokesman told the fact. It will only come from England, as the German Office had no storage space. The "active permit access to target systems (computer and phone), this remote-controlled, analyzed data, and encrypted communications and data can be collected" products, according to the company's website.

The Egyptian activist Mostafa Hussein, published documents, which had to test monitoring software gamma Mubarak's security men five months of the purchase would cost 400,000 euros. The intelligence officials recommended the purchase of software and raved that she had taken full control of the "Instrument of chopped target elements."

Example Bahrain

As a human rights activist Abdul Ghani al-Chanjar was arrested in 2010 confronted him, the security forces during interrogation with SMS. Because the authorities may also be reached with know-how from Germany. Siemens will have to be delivered Monitoring Center in the Gulf state for information from Bloomberg.

The buyers of the monitoring software is also Iran. As of 2008, a security solution, bought Siemens, but the technology has not so lucky: The Munich-based company had spun off the division, 2007 Nokia Siemens Networks. Later, it was still in Munich-based company Trovicor that the financial investor Perusa heard.

Example Libya

Even Syria's dictator Gaddafi was interested in monitoring technology made in Germany. According to investigations of MDR in the bunker of the dictator's son and intelligence chief Muttasim Gaddafi offer documents of the company Syborg were found in the Saarland.
But Arab dictators are not only to the customers of espionage specialists, thus creating the state of Berlin earlier this year by Syborg Trojan software. A cost of 280,000 euros.

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