Cybersecurity: Veiled Shadows

This site is about the incubation, development and growing of cyber game-changing solutions to some of todays most vexing cyber problems. Key areas of research are the destruction of major botnet networks, the revelation of military cyber units involved in espionage on behalf of their country, and the research into the destabilizing aspects of threat actor attribution. It also will involve collaborative malware research and reversing. 

Diocyde is a cyber veteran at this game of cat and asshole.   His focus in on advanced research of destructive cyber-weaponry with a focus on highly disruptive effects.  He lives in San Diego, San Antonio, and Springfield simultaneously, never sleeps, and has his eyes on moving cyber target indicators 20 at a time.  He is waiting for the industry and his country to move with concerted purpose in the common goal of doing what needs to be done, and its not called Defense in Depth.

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Reza Rafati

I am the founder of and I focus on sharing and collecting relevant cyberconflict news., The goal of Cyberwarzone is to provide the world a portal with global cyberwar information. The effort in getting this cyberwarfare information is hard. But as the internet is growing we need to get an global cyberwar & cybercrime monitoring system., By the people and for the people. We will be gathering information about Cybercrime, Cyberwarfare and hacking. LinkedIn:

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