Cybersecurity bloggers: A call for alliance

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I have been working on for several years now. I have learned that it is important to have the right network to support you with information.

In this article i will be calling for an Cybersecurity alliance. Everyone that works with security is invited.

The idea

The idea is pretty simple but effective. I want to create an list on cyberwarzone with all types of security bloggers and writers. These authors will get their own link on Cyberwarzone. 
Cyberwarzone has around 200k visitors each month. With the help from the visitors community and the security community Cyberwarzone will become one of the most transparant security portals online. 
People will be able to find multiple trusted resources for information.

Cybersecurity Alliance 


The Cybersecurity alliance will help in the exchange of information regarding security issues. Think about news, papers, tutorials and more. 

How to join

Simple. Just send me an e-mail [ cyberwarzone112 [ at ] gmail [dot] com with the following points addressed. 
1. Company name:
2. Summary of the company in 10 ~ 300 words. 
The Cyberwarzone website delivers a style of work which involves collecting and sharing news on cyber security aspects.
3. Country
The Netherlands
4. Weblink 
5. Bloglink


If you are interested in cross-posting your articles on please let me know in the e-mail.


I will send you an e-mail with confirmation. 

Your company will be listed in the CS Alliance menu. 


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I am the founder of and I focus on sharing and collecting relevant cyberconflict news., The goal of Cyberwarzone is to provide the world a portal with global cyberwar information. The effort in getting this cyberwarfare information is hard. But as the internet is growing we need to get an global cyberwar & cybercrime monitoring system., By the people and for the people. We will be gathering information about Cybercrime, Cyberwarfare and hacking. LinkedIn:

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