Cybercrime and cyber warfare and the effect on the society

The internet is a second world to a lot of people, they work online, network online and share information online. This is all great of course, why would we stop knowledge getting spread, there are no dangers online right?

The online community is changing fast and we are starting to see what has been happening behind the screens of the internet. There is a world of cybercrime  active online.
The cybercriminals are now focusing more on networking sites and they are also going after gambling sites.
This field has inspired them because there is a lot of information to be collected.
I can search twitter and see if you are home or outside.  Or I can add you as a friend at a social networking site and gain information about you or I can send you a file infected with malware.
We have to be critical to who we trust online. Cybercriminals have achieved hacking industries by supplying USB sticks with malware to employees.
This website explains how cybercriminals love to exploit the unaware.
The society suffers by these cybercriminals as it ruins lives and exports money out of the market. We should start getting more aware of these issues in the world. I believe by training employees and students it will be a nice step to begin with.
Cybercriminals are organized and are making steps online but there is a other side, the world needs more IT security experts and with the coming issues of “cyber warfare” there will be a new market.
Training in IT security and ethical hacking techniques to social engineering prevention and analyzing malware attacks like the stuxnet virus. It has opened a new view to the IT industry. There will be seminars, webinars and books published about these issues.
We will need a penetration test standard and new protocols on defending techniques.
As the “enemy” evolves so do the IT security experts.
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