Cyber Warfare Prediction seminar

All computer attacks do not come from hardware or developed software themselves. It is the algorithm from human brains to trigger the evolutionary spread of cyber armed forces, such as Trojans, worms, BOTNET agents and etc.

The lesson learnt in Conflcker 2009 debriefs the World's awareness of cyber criminals' diligence in using Public Key Infrastructure in Command & Controls centre.

In this research, an attempt is done to develop a cyber criminal's SHARED MENTAL MODEL (SMM) using public available information, like the arrest of Zeus personnel mid 2010, and the track down of Russian Business Network in 2008. China's Honker activities will be drilled, along with Nov 2010 scandal in China's QQ platform to install "legitimate spyware" to user's PC and GSM hand phones to pickpocket emails and other privacy infringement.

This approach is a reference to latest criminology research in finding out the subconscious team building mechanism in cyber criminals. Upon this SMM, a cloud-based Instant Response framework is to be constructed to embrace the widespread of social media.

Case examples will be developed for Taiwan, PRC China, Korea, Germany, and some Nordic countries. Further, the embedding of steganography in Elliptic curve and operating system memory obfuscation will be explored to enable a good chain of activity track in cloud system forensics."

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