Cyber warfare bring it: I decide and I give judgement

The world is in an "Cyberwar" and we are all participating in it. Anonymous is an cyber army. Cyber warfare is a development that has gone public. This is quite interesting because it means that the awareness of information security will increase. But what is Cyber warfare exactly?

It is still unclear as their is no defenitive explanation of the definition cyber warfare. Still the media grabs the word and clams it to cybercrime, espionage, hacking and defacements. Could it be that the defenition of cyber warfare is still unclear because of politcal reasons? The linked website did an research to the definition of cyberwarfare.

"The word crime is derived from the latin root cernō, meaning "I decide, I give judgment"."


United States

United States has been focusing really hard to achieve a secured online environment. The National Security Agency took its role to create a cyber army that is ready to carry out attacks and defends its countries borders.

The united states build several cyber commands to increase their power on the internet.


The great country Italy is active in the cyber security world and has shown that its citizens are trying to build an awareness of cyberwarfare. The government would say that they are protected and are capable of defending their infrastructure. This seems to be false. The Italian government is in a worrying situation because of the corruption and nepotism.
Despite the worrying situation the Italian use of Technology is really advanced and they provide solutions to governments.  Italy is a land full of contrasts, torn by political overkill.
Who seems to be the enemy of Italy on “Internet Grounds”
It seems that the enemy of Italy are China and Russia because of their capabilities in espionage.


The Islamic Republic of Iran has endured massive media attention in the latest years regarding their nuclear program and their cyber warfare capabilities. The level of cyber warfare in Iran is at an critical level. Iran endured and survived the Stuxnet and Flame attack that had been implemented by an insider.

Iran has been developing their cyber warfare force. The Iranian cyberwar army is named:  Iranian Cyber Army. The establishment of the Iranian Cyber Army was first proposed in 2005 by the Revolutionary guard (IRGC). The implementations got accelerated because of the several online attacks on the Ahmadinejad administration.

Who seems to be the enemy of Iran on “Internet Grounds”

Iran has been in conflict with Israel and the United States for many decades. It seems nothing but logics if these countries would get caught in a cyberwar.


IS Anonymous capable of acting cyberwarfare? Or is Anonymous a world wide army that would even attack its own spirit? What would happen if Anonymous was influenced by an specific government to carry out attacks on infrastructures?


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The Netherlands



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United Kingdom

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