Cyber Hezbollah

The second meeting Of  Cyber Hezbollah "Cyberjihadist" and Cyber activists celebrated the arena of jihad and martyrdom,Thursday,22 September 2011 at the beginning of Holy Week hold in Tehran.

Second Hezbollahcyber meeting was visited with interested of  Moslim virtual activist, doctor Hassan Abbasi, head of the Research Center for Cyber Security without boarders opened the meeting,Public Relations reported on his web wsite.

The Intresting Topics  Cyberdefence,Live audio and Video and topic Cyberjihad and Martydom will.

Hezbolahcyber writes on his website:

that we are groep who was online active against reformers during last election in Iran and we are obedieance of Suprim leader Khamenyi and we responce this time again with God will.


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