Chinese Cyberpolice Shutdown Fake Alarm Website

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Haikou Cyberpolice destroyed China first fake alarm site arrested four suspects.

After daily monitoring network Cyberpolice found some wrong advice on Alarmwebsite,website is a fake copy of Public Security Bureau in the Mainland China alarm site.fake alarm site is phishing website,Cyber Police verify.

At present, the four suspects had been under criminal detention, the case is being further processed.

The Cyberpolice siad ; the gang is a clear division of labor, it was responsible for publishing false information on the Internet, and was responsible for the call to the victims.

They first search through the Internet in several of the legal advisory website in the national rankings, released at the forum counterfeit alarm site, the lure suffered online fraud victim on the police website "alarm. "Alarm" after the victim first to pay a 'margin, added a few days have been locking the suspect, the victim and then pay the case expenses, a few days again to catch the suspects, and recover back the stolen goods stolen money on the grounds the victim to pay the "ill-gotten gains margin. In this way, the group step by step set up cheat money, some victims of continuous fraud five or six times.

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