China Cyber Warriors: Blue Army

China May 25, the Department of Defense held a regular press conference, the media asked about the Guangzhou Military Region formed a professional network blue army ". Ministry of Defence spokesman said the network forces do exist, said network security in China is still relatively weak, the network forces are focused on improving the network protection. Network Blue Army "will attack the question of his country, the Defense Department has not responded.

Yesterday, the Defense Department's routine press conference for media coverage when the Chinese People's Liberation Army to establish a "network the Blues, Defense Ministry spokesman, Press Secretary Geng Yansheng Colonel said," Online Blue Army "to enhance the troops' the establishment of the level of network security.

Media Q: The U.S. said it every day to detect a large number of hackers trying to penetrate its network attacks, of which a considerable part from the regular meeting. "Liberation Army Daily" reported the Guangzhou Military Region formed a professional network Blue Army "How does this network Blue Army" is a network forces to establish the purpose of implementation of network attacks than other countries?



In this regard, Geng Yansheng response to said current network security has become an international issue, it not only affects the social sphere, but also on the military field, China is also the victims of cyber attacks.

At present, China's network security is still relatively weak, and focus on improving the level of information capabilities, and strengthen the network security is an important part of the military training of the armed forces. The People's Liberation Army established the "Online Blue Army", which is based on the need for training, in order to improve the level of network security forces set up.