China closes websites on coup rumors

Rumors of an impending coup in China led to the closure of sixteen sites and blockade of two social media networks.

There are six people arrested and an unknown number of people interviewed.

On the websites and two Twitter-like services according to state news agency Xinhua reports surfaced about military vehicles would drive into the capital. "Something is going wrong in Beijing", it was concluded there in.

The action, which was announced late Friday by various state media, underlines the fear of the authorities for the growing internet access of the Chinese population and the eagerness with which the Chinese, despite the censorship and possible penalties, discuss politics.

The two social media networks affected by the measures each have more than three hundred million users. For the 'clean' sites are the sites of the three days allocated.

China currently raging in the worst political crisis in years. The rulers are busy with the legacy of Bo Xilai to wipe out the political boss earlier this month was dismissed as party chief of Chongqing city. Later this year, a tightly orchestrated transfer of power to the top of the party and the state take place.