Challenge: Non-Decryptable Encryption by Givon Zirkind

Cyberwarzone stumbled upon the Non-Decryptable encryption challenge by Givon Zirkind. Givon is an computer scientist that claims to have developed a method of encryption that can't be decrypted by method.

Givon has asked the hacking community to help him out. 




My name is Givon Zirkind.  I am a computer scientist.  I developed a method of encryption that is not decryptable by method.  
You can read my paper at:

My colleagues agree with me.  But, I have not been able to get pass peer review and publish this paper.  In my opinion, the refutations are ridiculous and just attacks -- clear misunderstandings of the methods.  They do not explain my methods and say why they do not work.

I have a 2nd paper:  
This paper also couldn't get published.  This too I was told doesn't follow the norm and is not non-decryptable.  Which I find odd, because it is merely the tweaking of an already known method of using prime numbers.

I am asking the hacking community for help.  Help me test my methods.  The following message is encrypted using one of my new methods.  Logically, it should not be decryptable by "method".  If you can decrypt it, please let me know you did & how.  




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