BREAKING NEWS: Anonymous #opAustralia releases AAPT leaked files on the internet

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The latest movement in Australia is the #opAustralia movement by Anonymous. Anonymous has targeted AAPT. CWZ CYBERWARZONE has the links to the leaked files. Anonymous has leaked data from the AAPT , Australia’s third largest land line telecommunications company, victim of a data breach occurred during the last week.

Anonymous has published data tonight, it seems that the total amount of record is around 180,000 containing data from the recent attack to AAPT.The collective in a manner consistent with its purposes has released a modified version of the data leaked, avoiding to make public personal information of the account compromised.

"At AAPT we converge all of our resources to maintain one simple philosophy – to be the easiest to deal with network provider in Australia. With our team of dedicated experts, we will partner with you on a one-to-one basis to ensure you receive the highest quality solutions for your business.

Incorporating more than 11,000kms of fibre and 370 exchanges - along with Ethernet capability in more than 180 of these - our network has been built specifically to allow you to do what you do best – run your business. We leverage this network to deliver solutions that are among the most cutting edge in the Telco industry. From e-LAN to SIP Voice to our investment in cloud, we empower our portfolio of products to make sure you always experience the best in class.

We have invested in simplicity, streamlining systems and delivering a straight-forward approach to customer service. We get close to our customers with a flat management structure and an executive team connected to our clients.

With a rejuvenated focus on Corporate and Wholesale markets, AAPT creates a unique position for customers to experience a telecommunications partnership unmatched by others.

From their About page. "

Here is an overview with the "Official" leaked files:

CLY_Table_Business.txt 2012-Jul-28 15:33:08 76.4M text/plain
CLY_Table_Contact.CSV 2012-Jul-28 15:59:05 98.0M application/octet-stream
agreements.txt 2012-Jul-29 11:13:26 17.2K text/plain
agreements_contract.txt 2012-Jul-29 11:05:50 17.6K text/plain 2012-Jul-29 13:26:04 5.1K text/plain
business_accounts.txt 2012-Jul-29 11:12:50 10.1K text/plain
government_accounts.txt 2012-Jul-29 11:06:22 85.5K text/plain
sf_users.txt 2012-Jul-29 11:09:36 191.9K text/plain
tbl_SF_Accounts.csv 2012-Jul-28 18:32:33 94.4M application/octet-stream
tbl_Sofs_Contacts.csv 2012-Jul-28 19:32:41 36.2M application/octet-stream
the_si_teams_of_aapt.txt 2012-Jul-29 11:10:32 24.8K text/plain

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