Boeing 787 Dreamliner vulnerable to cyber-attack

The 787 Dreamliner is Boeing's newest and most technologically advanced aircraft. It may also be its most vulnerable.

Experts at the University of Cambridge in Brtiain have discovered what they say is a "back door" in a computer chip. The experts say that opening could lead to a cyber-attack.

The expert's findings were published in The Guardian newspaper. Researchers Sergei Skorobogatov of Cambridge and Chris Woods of Quo Vadis Labs say they have discovered a method of accessing the chip.

The chip, which is also used in military, medical, automotive, communications and consumer products, is made by Actel.

The paper says Actel may have put in the "back door" on purpose as a way to increase "functionality" and provide easy access for programmers.

Actel has not responded to the report and there has been no response from Boeing.

Skorobogatov and Woods will present a paper on their findings at a conference in Belgium later this year.

Wichita-based Spirit AeroSystems builds the nose section and pylons for the Boeing 787.