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 Operation Aurora is a cyber attack which began in mid-2009 and continued through December 2009.The attack was first publicly disclosed by Google on January 12, 2010, in a blog post.In the blog post, Google said the attack originated in China.

The attack has been aimed at dozens of other organizations, of which Adobe SystemsJuniper Networks and Rackspacehave publicly confirmed that they were targeted. According to media reports, YahooSymantec,Northrop GrummanMorgan Stanley and Dow Chemical were also among the targets.

As a result of the attack, Google stated in its blog that it plans to operate a completely uncensored version of its search engine in China "within the law, if at all", and acknowledged that if this is not possible it may leave China and close its Chinese offices. Official Chinese media responded stating that the incident is part of a U.S. government conspiracy.

The attack was named "Operation Aurora" by Dmitri Alperovitch, Vice President of Threat Research at cyber security company McAfee. Research by McAfee Labs discovered that “Aurora” was part of the file path on the attacker’s machine that was included in two of the malware binaries McAfee said were associated with the attack. "We believe the name was the internal name the attacker( s ) gave to this operation," McAfee Chief Technology Officer George Kurtz said in a blog post.

Now there is a group of people that have started the Operation Aurora Cyberconflict research group on LinkedIn. 


This group was established initially to share information on the 'Operation Aurora' incident early 2010. Since that time, the group focusses on cyberconflict and cyberwarfare, with a special focus on China and South-East Asia.

Feel free to participatejoin group (1600+ members).


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