Associated Students of San Jose State University database leaked on by hacker logic

The Associated Students of San Jose State University has been attacked. Phone numbers, logins, emails and more have been leaked to the internet by the hacker Logic

Today I got the message from S1ngularity that the database from AS.SJSU.EDU has been dumped to the internet.

At the moment I open the Pastebay file I can read the following message:

  1. Dump file: (44mb zipped, 3.8gb unzipped)
  3. Target: Associated Students of San Jose State University (
  5. Vuln: <--- has since been closed, however all .jsp?val= are compromised and vuln to SQL as of a day ago.
  7. Want to give a special shout out to ma homie logic! He actually did the dumping as my VPN(s) would not cooporate with me. Dude dumped it crazy fast.

S1ngularity is one of the hackers in the hacking group named TeamDigi7al.

I don't know who has leaked the file on the internet but I do know that TeamDigi7al was the fastest to respond to it.



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