Armitage: Hacking management tool for Metasploit

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Armitage is cyber attack management for Metasploit. Armitage helps the user by bringing an GUI to the user. This graphical cyber attack management tool for Metasploit visualizes your targets, recommends exploits and exposes the advanced capabilities of the framework. 

Armitage is made for security practitioners who understand hacking but don't use Metasploit everyday. 

The combination of a GUI linked to Metasploit can help you to grow your hacking techniques. 

Armitage Discovery 

Armitage exposes several Metasploit host management features. You can import hosts - launch scans to populate a database of targets. 

Keep your friends close - but you enemies closer. Know everything about them!

Armitage assists with remote exploitation. Providing features to recommend exploits and run active checks. If these options fail you can use the Hail Mary approach and unleash db_autopwn against your target. 

Armitage provides several post-exploitation tools built on the capabilities of the Meterpreter agent. With the click of a menu you will escalate your privileges, dump password hashes to a local credentials database, browse the file system like your local, and launch command shells.

Armitage aids the process of setting up pivots, a capability that lets you use compromised hosts as a platform for attacking other hosts and further investigating the target network. Armitage also exposes Metasploit’s SOCKS proxy module which allows external tools to take advantage of these pivots. With these tools, you can further explore and maneuver through the network.


Some resources:

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