Arena Anonymous: Lulzsec Anonymous and Governments

Welcome to the Anonymous Arena. Where different teams and governments team up to fight the battle on Cyber Security Aspects. As the last couple of weeks have shown the Internet is a free network were people will take full adventage of. 

The Arrest of the assumed Lulzsec member Ryan Cleary shows that the government is willing the give a face to these groups. So the next question pops up. Who is Anonymous? Who is Lulzsec and why are governments trying to give these  teams a face instead of solving these issues? 

According to the BBC, citing locals in Essex and the man's mother, 19-year-old Ryan Cleary was arrested by police last night. The Guardian also has given Ryan Cleary as the name of the person arrested. So far, however, the U.K.'s Metropolitan Police and the FBI, which was also involved in the operation, have not divulged any name.

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The government also tried to give a face to Anonymous. The Turkish government arrested 32  Anonymous members.

Alleged members of the loosely-knit Anonymous hacktivist group were rounded up in 12 cities, including Ankara and Istanbul, just days after similar arrests of Anonymous suspects in Spain

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So the internet has become an arena for Cyberwarriors and Cyberdefenders. Who will prevail? The Cyberwarriors or the Cyberdefenders? Because as we have seen Anonymous vows to attack the Infrastructure of Malaysia. What will be the response to these kinds of attacks? 

In what appears to be a statement posted to Youtube from the collective known as Anonymous, a second round of attacks against the Government of Malaysia is planned for the 4th of July at 13:37 GMT (21:37 MYT). 

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