Arab Network Experts to discuss the threat of Cyberspy on the Egyptian national security

Experts have confirmed that the breach-mail networks of the most serious threats faced by Egypt and the Arab states now especially by Israel, stating that there are continuous attempts by Israeli intelligence to penetrate the Rainbow communications for the Arab States to spy and uncover its secrets ..

This came during a seminar held by the Scientific Society of Telecommunication Engineers recently entitled "Breakthrough mails", in the presence of Dr. apply Zaki - expert information security, networks, and Mahmoud Mohamed Nasreddin - director of forensic analysis of the data to the device National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, and Dr. Adel Abdel Moneim - Company Raya Telecom, as well as representatives from various sectors of communications ..

Talat said Mr. - Representative of the Scientific Society of Telecommunication Engineers can hack and overlapping networks, the most important threat to States currently, pointing out that Egypt is facing a threat on its eastern border with "Israel", which is working day and night to try to penetrate our borders through the Unit 8200 in the IDF Israeli and auxiliary to the Mossad.

He pointed out that  the previous stage has seen the creation of Israel many of the breakthroughs of some of its neighboring countries, led by "Lebanon", where she broke the Lebanese telecommunications network and change its own data and as an Israeli network of their own to serve the military.

He explained  importance that Egypt is working to acquire new technology to fight the enemy during the future through means of modern technology, pointing out that the elements of espionage is divided into two components the first is the "human element", while the second is the "technical" is the means used for spying operation is the most important " modern technology "in all fields, which rely on 3 elements: a development in information technology industry, and the tremendous development in communication technology, and development of information technology ..

He explained that the espionage operations depend on transplant organs and the linking process and give the password and keys decoded, loading and processing, pointing out that the most important types of breakthroughs now are: penetration through the Internet and through the implant devices at the other end, "such as the Israel of planting devices inside Lebanon, control and management Network communications are barred, "in addition to planting devices across the border, where it can break very long distances to reach more than 50 km from the geographical boundaries through the installation of high-tech cameras operate with high accuracy over long distances.

He completed it began trading during the recent concept of electronic warfare a " cyber war "is not only electronic warfare against military targets but also civilian targets such as: Network Communications banks and mobile phone networks and computer networks, Internet and telecommunications companies and airlines.

Mr. The United States began preparing for future electronic warfare, where currently planting viruses, back doors and secret codes in the hardware through which they can hit any infrastructure of any country of the world j as accurate and faithful record time.

Said Mahmoud Mohammed Naseeruddin - Director of forensic analysis of the data to the device National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority that there is an annual report issued by the company Microsoft includes some 115 countries worldwide, which demonstrates the global rates of penetration, and there is the report a special section, "viruses", which showed that 5% of global mean of computer users have the virus, compared to Egypt, which reached the ratio to 95%, due that Egypt has a culture of use of non-original programs and non-believers ..

Nasruddin said that Mubarak's supporters have launched electronic warfare during the Egyptian revolution on the websites of the rebels, pointing out how some countries hostile to Egypt, such as "America and Israel," using the Internet pages in espionage operations.

Dr. apply Zaki, an expert on information security and networks, that viruses are the most important facing the computers used in the processes of penetration, and that Israel has a special schools for the education of "hackers" and also called "hackers," pointing to the importance of attention to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Operations penetration , in addition to the analysis, followed by rapid manner ..

Zaki stressed that the speed hack in tracking the most important characteristic of other countries in the operations of hack and spy for the enjoyment of modern technology, pointing to the importance that we educate individuals in the community so that we can reduce the cost hack tools.