Anonymous targets Turkish Prime Ministry's computer network

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The nature of the information the attackers were seeking is not clear.


Members of Anonymous, the international online group of self-described anarchist hackers, recently targeted the Prime Ministry's computer network in order to acquire electronic correspondence between government agencies but were repelled by the efforts of cybersecurity specialists.

Anonymous, members of which have so far attacked many websites worldwide for various reasons, this time waged an attack on the Prime Ministry's network with the aim of obtaining official correspondence, but failed to do so when five cybersecurity specialists repelled the attack.

The Prime Ministry tightened cybersecurity measures and implemented a new network firewall following the attack.

The nature of the information the attackers were seeking is not clear.

Anonymous gained fame after launching online onslaughts against governments ranging from Spain to Egypt and companies including Visa, Mastercard and Paypal.

The group was also active in Turkey last year protesting government plans to set up a national Internet filtering system.

The group launched attacks on a number of government websites in June but failed to bring most of the websites to their knees because of enhanced security protection.


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