Anonymous Target Canadian Grand Prix

The group - an internet hacking organisation - targeted Formula One during the Bahrain race due to what they viewed as "the incredible human rights abuses of the Bahrain regime".

This time their fury is aimed at the Canadian government. Protests against a proposed hike in tuition fees have been occurring in Quebec for the past 107 days but it is the introduction an emergency law introduced on May 18 known as Bill 78 that "restricts freedom of assembly, protest, or picketing on or near university grounds and anywhere in Quebec without prior police approval", that seems to have really irked Anonymous.

As such, the group have decided to make use of the high-profile race to bring attention to the protests and send a message to Quebec premier Jean Charest.

"As we did in Bahrain, Anonymous intends to wreck Mr Ecclestone's little party," read a statement from Anonymous.

"Beginning on June 7 and running through race day on June 10, Anonymous will take down all the F1 websites, dump the servers and databases and wreck anything else F1-related we can find on the internet.

"We would like to remind anyone considering attending this abominable race that last time Anonymous found all the spectators' personal data, including credit card numbers un-encrypted on F1 servers.

"Anonymous will be among many protesters targeting the Grand Prix.

"A number of students are also set to protest, something that the F1's organisers will be wary of, considering the race could bring around 100million Canadian dollars (£62million) to the area.

"We highly suggest you join the boycott of the F1 in Montreal and we certainly recommend you not purchase any tickets or F1 merchandise online.

"You have been warned."