Anonymous Syria needs your awareness and help

The whole world knows what is happening to the syrian people everyday.

Massacres have become a routine, and everyday hundreds die defending freedom and defending their families with honor and pride, standing against the brutal army, mercenaries and gangs of bashar al-assad, with nothing but light armory and bare chests.

bashar al-assad has gone way beyond the red lines, thinking of him self as a God, using his power to kill whoever stands in his face, he’s more than a tyrant!

today about a hundred died, yesterday 305 people died in a massacre in AL-tarmesa and other 69 died in different places in Syria….

you stood with the syrian people before, and now i’m asking you to stand again with us, against secterian cleansing and civil war!

the whole leaders of the world stand with deaf ears though they know what is happening and tough they can easly force him to stop what is he doing.

he broke all of the humen rights, he speaks of democracy and freedom but all of this is just a mask to cover his filth.

some of people still believe his lies, and his media channels are very very far from being honest, and all of the press who works there fallow him for their own filthy purposes!

please help, not only me. but 22 million syrians…

syria is now at the edge of civil war which will waste alot of lives and souls.

all what’s needed is someone to shut his channels down, or better, to hack it and play real videos showing ignorant people the truth of him and his big shit mafia and this is the best to do.

If you visit the source page you will find more information on how you can help them.