Anonymous-OS Live CD Based on Ubuntu is Fake

Four days ago someone registered a new project on the SourceForge website, called Anonymous-OS, pretending that they are the famous Anonymous hackers.

Based on Ubuntu 11.10 and powered by the new MATE desktop environment created by the Linux Mint developers, the Anonymous-OS tries to be a Linux distribution packed with hacker tools for “checking the security of web pages“.
The website created on tumblr for the Anonymous-OS Live CD project looks completely believable for some, not to mention that the Live CD’s artwork and theme are preatty awesome.
“The Anon OS is fake it is wrapped in trojans.” confirmed Anonymous on their Twitter channel.
We are writing this piece of news just to inform the adventurous ones NOT to download this Live CD ISO image and test it, or event worse, install it on their machines!
Download Anonymous-OS 0.1? Hell no, stay away from it! Download Backtrack 5 R2 instead, if you really want to test the security of web sites.