Anonymous #opJapan vs Japans copyright laws

Today I woke up and I started up my Tweetdeck application. As soon as I started the application I noticed the #OpJapan operation by Anonymous.

The operation got initated after Japan announced a new law against illegal downloads. Friday(22-6-2012) Japan passed a new amendment to its copyright laws.

This law punishes illegal downloaders with serious jail terms for the first time. So if you get caught downloading illegal DVD's or Blue-Ray discs the fines could run as high as 25 000 dollars and carry a sentence of two years in prison.

This law will be implemented in October.

Anonymous vs Japans copyright laws

Anonymous strongly believes that the implementation of this law will score in unnecesarry prison sentences to numerous innocent citizens.

The implementation of this law will solve nothing.

#opJapan chat

Anonymous has released their press release today. In the press release you will find addresses to their IRC Chat channels.

I was in their rooms for a couple of hours and I noticed that there were Japanese officials searching down the room for some clues.

The Anonymous channel provides the tools and techniques to attack their Japanese targets.

Japans Ministry of Finance confirmed #opJapan

Japan's finance ministry shut down part of its computer system Tuesday afternoon after detecting an outside intruder on its website, officials said, a development that may raise fresh security concerns over the vulnerability of the country's data network.

The intruder, whose identity isn't clear yet, unnecessarily added information to part of the ministry's website containing public information about Japan's national properties, a ministry official told Dow Jones Newswires.

That information has already been removed, and the MOF has confirmed that the intruder made "no changes to the content or any data" of the web site, the official said. No classified information has been stolen (link)

Read their first press release here.

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