Anonymous: Operation New Blood

Welcome to Anonymous! This guide is a collaboration of resources, tips and information that may be helpful to people who desire to join the fight!
How to Join Anonymous; an unofficial Introduction
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[+] Mullvad VPN |
A wave of internet censorship and surveillance is currenty sweeping the world. Goverments everywhere are giving themelves the legal right and technical means to intercept their subjecs internet connection.
This enables them to read private communication such as email and instant messages, map who is talking to who, monitor web sites and block controversial web sites. All in clear violation of human rights, basic democratic principles such as freedom of information and freedom of speech, and often in violation of their own constitution.
Mullvad solves these problems.
Privacy policy
Privacy is a universal right.
We don't tell anyone anything.
We don't log our users' activities.
When Swedish law requires us to divulge information about our     customers we make sure not to have that information stored, so     that we have nothing to give out.
If you want to send someone a  link and have only one person (or two, or three...) be able to go to  it, then this will come in handy: - This Link Will Self-Destruct
     Guide to securing/(a small amount of anonymizing, but no ip obfuscation)
To use Tor with FF 11, goto Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings, click manual proxy configuration and where it says SOCKS Host, put and port 9050 (which is default, but you can change it) click SOCKS v5 then OK, close and goto to make sure youre using tor.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.