Anonymous: OpDarknet dumps 1589 pedo accounts from Lolita City

The Anonymous #OpDarknet team has revealed over 1589 Lolita City user accounts. Lolita City is a trading website for pedos. 

As promised here is the entire user database of the 1589 users active on Lolita City, an darknet trading site for pedos. 

While we were not able to obtain the password credentials (they use an SHA512 hash separate database to secure their passwords), but we were able to determine the following info of the server location.
1) Using timing attacks with our Beowulf clusters located in Europe, Asia, the US, and South Africa.  we were able to determine an estimate TTL of the server's location roughly in the USA.
2) The NGNIX server hosting the content is on a shared server (we used select+benchmark SQLi to determine the MySQL performance) and did it hold up after 10,000 packets.
3) The server was using hardened PHP with escaping.  We were able to bypass it with with UTF-16 ASCII encoding
We are suspending our attack on The Hidden Wiki, as we currently ran out AT&T prepaid bandwidth for our NetBSD toaster.  The "Nyan Nyan" NetBSD toaster had to be put to death to with Thermite, Burning Man Fashion.
Heed not, we have two more "Nyan Nyan" embedded NetBSD toaster cats in the build process to take on these kiddie sites.  Why the Nyan Nyan cat?  For kiddie porners, that's probably the only time they ever saw REAL pussy.  
For the lulz, in the name of #antisec and #opdarknet.  We are going to DBAN our hard drives now.  Also we have several pounds of Thermite to melt our computers.  Poor Nyan Nyan Cat, we miss you.
Fear not we will have two more embedded machines in a week to take on CP sites.  Fear the Pedo Bear kiddie porners, it's going to catch you soon!
#occupywallstreet, #freeanons, #freetopiary, #antisec
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.


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