Anonymous: #opAlarmClock

During my search on Pastebin i found an pastebin titled #OpAlarmClock. This pastebin file has an message from Anonymous. In the message they ask the people to show people the good doing from Anonymous. You can read the message here and on pastebin

Anonymous has grown considerably in recent years. Not just in numbers, but also scope, agenda, and — yes — maturity. It has transcended beyond the limits of cyberspace to appear as freedom fighters in our streets.

Freedom. It's all about freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom to share ideas, freedom from oppression. Anonymous is the banner that concerned citizens can rally around to amplify the voice of their greivances and change the world for the betterment of mankind. Of course, as with anything that comes from the Internet, this platform of freedom for all comes with its share of lulz.
With world governments trying their hardest to brand Anonymous a terrorist organization — because they tremble in terror, naturally — there is no better time for a recruitment drive. We have the momentum, the swarm can only grow. Because, let's face it, more freedom and less oppression for all is the most virtuous of goals.
- Share stories of Anonymous helping people with EVERYBODY.
- Get them involved on Twitter, IRC, Facebook… wherever they are active.
- Cultivate an interest in current events, local and global.
- Grow the legion.
White Knights can wear Black Hats.
#opAlarmClock - "The world is filled with Anonymous sleeper agents; wake them up."