Anonymous Hackers take control of Navy ships

It has been reported that a Anonymous hacker has taken control of the 10th armed unmanned ship fleet stationed at the Naval Weapons Station in Seal Beach, CA the special ships are designed to operate with no human support. the hacker gained controls of the ships, and locked out the navy.

the best programmers and crackers have worked through the night in hopes of regaining control before innocent people are injured or worse. the ships are armed with 50 caliber machine guns, radar jammers, and a single cruise missile.

The fleet of 60 ships was last reported to be heading north along the coast toward the recreational beach areas. the Navy claims they will have no problems taking out the ships if they become a threat to the civilian population.

Because the ships are coated in a top secret invisibility cloak, it makes them difficult to detect with visual or radar based methods, The Navy claims the ships can be detected when they fire their machine guns, or fire the cruise missile.

We will update this story when we receive more information.


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