Anonymous Hackers rewrote the Constitution of Hungary

Hackers, who counts himself among the group Anonymous, hacked site of the Constitutional Court of Hungary and changed the text set out in it the fundamental law of the country, according to local media group portal All Hungary.

According to the modified text hackers, and ordinary members of the Internet community should fight "with internal and external threats to the state."

"People have the right to rebel against tyranny and to eliminate its" - specified in the "hacker" version of the constitution.

In addition, the publication, hackers have added to the Constitution point by which all employees IT-sphere can go retire as early as 32 years. The size of their pension is equal to at least 150% of their salary during employment.

Currently, work site restored and made changes to the text of the constitution removed the publication.

Recall that in late February police Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Spain arrested 25 activists of the hacker group Anonymous.

Arrested between 17 and 40, they seized more than 250 units of network and mobile equipment. According to the Ministry of Interior of Spain, Spanish police arrested in Madrid and Malaga in four.

Two of them, among them minors, were later released on bail. According to Spanish police arrested one of the focal point of attacks Anonymous in Spain and Latin America, informs the Correspondent