Anonymous attacks website for the lulz

Tuesday 31 juli 2012 Anonymous launched an LOIC DDOS attack on the 9gag website. The attack resulted in an overload of the servers that run the 9gag website. Several pictures have been uploaded on Twitter showing the Anonymous attack on 9GAG.

The 9gag community went beserk when they found out their favourite website is offline. The community started posting messages on the twitter channel #9gag and @9gag. The first account that proved the attack of Anonymous is the @Anon_Central twitter account. Anonymous @Anon_Central account showed a Tango Down for 9GAG is one of the websites that has caught populairity in the last year. This board on 4chan shows that there is an battle going on between Anonymous and 9GAG.

9gag down.png

9gag down 2.png

The reason behind the attack is "For the LuLz". If there is more information available we will share it with you.