Anonymous and REDHACK hackers hit down 20 Turkish governmental websites

On April 28 the internet was switched off in Ankara and Istanbul. After two days it was found out that the REDHACK hackers’ group broke a range of Turkish Governmental web-site with assistance of Anonymous, DCvirus, Anarchycrew groups.

Official web-site of Turksih Ministry of Justice, Police and 20 other official pages did not work.

As Armenian informs referring to Turkish media members of the REDHACK gave an interview to Turkish Taraf newspaper by Twitter and announced that the attack was on the eve of May 1 and it was devoted to the workers.

They confirmed that many Turks and Kurds welcomed their step to punish Turkish Government and have even sent thankful messages to the group members.

”We are not afraid from the Interpol which follows us from the Turkish Government or from the department against terrorism. This country needs courage people to survive and those people are ready even to appear in prison. We are ready for it”, they said.

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