ANFP Website Hacked Against Anti-Violence Plan

The website of the National Association of Chilean Professional Football (ANFP) was hacked with slogans against the stadium plan insurance, which seeks to eradicate the violence associated with football, Reported ANSA.

"forbidden to forbid" the group published author intervention, self-styled "AudiSoft Hacker Team".

"If they want fans like those in Europe, to deliver education that gives them and continue to promote inequality" or "we are not customers, we are fans" were other phrases reflected also in the website.

The slogans directly target the program launched by the government and the ANFP that, among other things, prohibits flags and drums on stage with the intention of ending violence and punishes those clubs and leaders to establish links with hooligans.

Anticipated that hackers will not rest until the plan weakens Stadium Security: "We will fight, not sure Stadium project," sentenced. 

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