Monitoring: Advanced Surveillance by Peter Jenkins

The most advanced and extensive manual ever compiled on the art and science on conducting a covert surveillance. After the success of 'Covert Surveillance' with over 3500 copies being sold worldwide, the author has now introduced a second advanced training manual.

The excellent contents of this manual covers both successful techniques for conducting a covert surveillance as well as the equipment needed to do so. Everyone charged with carrying out investigations and undertaking surveillance in order to gather evidence should find this book both informative and educational.


    Subjects Covered In The Massive Contents Include:

  • Covert Surveillance Introduction
  • Covert Methods Of Surveillance
  • Planning And Preparation For A Covert Surveillance
  • Observation Skills Of The Surveillance Investigator
  • Communications Tools For The Surveillance Investigator
  • High Tech And Not So High Tech Equipment For The Surveillance Investigator
  • Evidence And The Law As It Relates To Covert Surveillance
  • Mobile Surveillance Techniques
  • Foot Surveillance Techniques
  • Observation Post Set-Up Techniques
  • Rural Surveillance Techniques
  • Surveillance Photography And Video
  • Glossary Of Surveillance Investigation Terms
  • 300 Graphics And Photos

The book illustrates the methods and techniques which have shown to be successful. It has been compiled to be used as a guide and reference book to the Surveillance Operative and is comprehensive enough to cover the subject required to plan, carry out, gather evidence and report on a covert surveillance. If you wish to develop excellent surveillance skills and develop an expert knowledge base on the equipment needed to conduct a covert surveillance then this manual will serve you well.

The Complete Manual Of Surveillance Training
400 pages, 350 Graphics And Photos - By Peter Jenkins


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