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Cybercrime: fake web shops and job fraud on the rise

A cybercrime gang in The Netherlands which has been dubbed as “NCO Group” has been actively setting up fake web shops and job applications online.

The “NCO Group” has been settings these environments up to steal money from unaware internet users which are searching for a legitimate website to purchase specific products.

In this case, the cybercriminals have setup genuine looking web stores of companies which do not have an online store. The criminals offer fake products on the websites and they provide the full contact credentials of the official company to look legitimate.

The “NCO Group” gang has been put on the radar as various people have been complaining on official complaint forums in The Netherlands that they have been scammed by legitimate looking websites.

Security researchers claim that the NCO Group has been earning thousands of euro’s on a daily basis via these fake web shops and job fraud scams.

We strongly urge everyone to double check the domain and to be 100% sure that you are on the official website or web store when you are going to provide personal information.

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