CYBER ATTACKS On BP over 50,000 attempts a day

BP CEO Bob Dudley in an interview with CNBC told we see off over 50,000 attack attempts a day like many big companies.

Cyber security is an growing issue around the world, not only with companies but with governments. It’s certainly not just china, we have evidence many different people trying to work through our perimeters in the company in terms of securing data I suppose, we're not sure what all the threats are.

We see off over 50,000 attempts a day like many big companies, things crawling around the fences.

We work closely with government to mitigate the threats. To my knowledge we haven't had any incidents that have taken away data from this, but it’s because we are incredibly vigilant.

We are reticent about it. We do share what's happening with us, with governments around the world, the US, and the UK. We are reticent to share what's happening, that’s how we can learn to get our defenses better. We haven't had any major incidents, but I can tell you that we are in constant communications, we think that is the right thing. We think companies should share, this is all new threats for us. It's not just not threats inside companies center of computing but it's also the equipment, the facilities around the world that we have our eye on carefully.

The things we are doing is sharing information with other companies and governments, as a group that’s vitally important to make sure we get the right skills in the company. And then we look at all the running of the facilities specially to make sure there are enough firewalls to stop anything that could stop an industrial facility


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