YouTube attracts one billion monthly visitors

The massive video sharing website Youtube has reached a new milestone.

Video Gangnam Style on Youtube brings 6million to Google

The video of the South-Korean rapper Psy

Microsoft phone scammers get caught and filmed

A couple of weeks ago a video was published on Youtube which shows how some scammers are try

Youtube changes the way it shows advertisement

Today I noticed that the way advertisements are been showed on YouTube has been changed.

Female bank robber gets caught after posting evidence on Youtube

A woman accused of a Waco, Neb., bank robbery apparently made a YouTube video bragging about it b

Youtube blocked in Pakistan - 700 videos blocked before the official block

Islamabad: Pakistan on Monday blocked over 700 links to an anti-Islam film on YouTube that h

Video Europe: To Be or Not To Be

 The European Union is in deep crisis and the very future of the euro hangs in the balance.

The Wikiboat: again Tango down

If you try to visit the website you will probably not get the website.

German police searched homes of more than 100 alleged cyber-attackers of anonymous action.

 Frankfurt ( hf ) - On Tuesday, officials o

Guy with an message from "Anonymous" so he says