New antiaircraft weapons arrived for rebels in Syria

Rebels in Syria have obtained new weapons which will increase their chance of resistance against military vehicles, the video shows how the have modified numerous of house hold items to dangerous weapons which launch grenades, bullets and missiles. Make sure that you watch this! 

Steven Seagal video: a lot of these mass murders (with Guns) have been engineered

Steven Seagal shares his view on the shootings in America during a interview with Russia Today.

Remember the Halabja gas attack

The media is aiming their focus on the chemical threat that is posed by Syria.

Iranian Army Unveils 2 New Home-Made Products

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Army Ground Force on Saturday unveiled a tactical vehicle and a sniper

Unintentional collateral damage when using Cyber weapons

We have seen several cyber weapons in the public.

Iran site buildings "completely razed": U.S. think-tank

(Reuters) - A U.S.

Chinese Regime Has Backdoor Access to US weapons, nuclear power plants and public transports.

A recent study found that a U.S.

Cyberwarfare: cyber warfare leading to a new type of arms race?

There are a surprising number of parallels between cyber warfare and nuclear warfare, reportsPubl

Iran, Scott Brown and Corporate Espionage