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GAZA 19 november 2012: Images that the media does not show

Today we received an video that was made in Gaza.

IAF pilots delay striking their target due to civilians

Watch as IAF pilots delay striking their target because of uninvolved vehicles in the vicinity

Israeli Kids Against Their Own Army & Killing of Innocent Palestinians

Omer Goldman, has had to confront the values of her own family.

Israeli Airforce Yonatan Schapira says Israel is Commiting War Crimes

Israeli Airforce Captain in a BBC interview says Israel is commiting war crimes.

Video: Gaza Israel conflict news

Al Jazeera correspondents Nadim Baba and Nisreen El-Shamayleh report from Gaza City and Jerusalem

Video: Israel uses warships to strike at Gaza

Israel has begun attacking targets in Gaza from the sea while continuing with its aerial bombardm

Video: Massive explosion as Israel airstrikes Gaza

The video showing a massive explosion supposedly caused by an Israeli airstrike in the residentia

IDF Ensures Passage of Supplies from Israel to Gaza

On Nov.

Raw: Israel Shoots Down Tel Aviv-bound Rocket

The Israeli military says its "Iron Dome" rocket-defense system has shot down an incomi