10000 dollar device criminals.fw

10000 dollar device used by criminals to steal ANY high value car

Stealing cars has become very easy for criminals which have the 10000 dollar device, the device contains code which alters the computer of the car, allowing anyone to start the car with just a press on a button. In a documentary which has been released by Panorama (Dutch Company), it is viewable how criminals are…

anonymous changed the world

How Hackers Changed The World: FULL Documentary of Anonymous Hackers

16×9 shows you an inside an unique look into a “hackers world”. The Anonymous collective and other type of hackers are known for their attacks and operations. Some of them focus on government organs, and some of them focus on companies and corporate environments. In this documentary you will get an unique view into the…

human-carrying drone

The FIRST Human-carrying drone [ + VIDEO]

How awesome can it be to have your own drone which will allow you to fly to any spot you like! The engineers from Ehang Inc. which are based in China have crafted a human-carrying drone. The drone will allow one passenger to fly. The drone is electrically-powered which allows it to be fully recharged…

Daesh booby trap

Daesh booby trap disarmed [VIDEO]

Footage has been released on LiveLeak which shows how a couple of soldiers were able to disarm a Daesh booby trap. The booby trap was hidden behind an blanket, and it was attached to big cans of containers which could have held any type of explosive material.

ccc 2015 wallpaper

Recently released CCC videos (Chaos Computer Club 2015)

The Chaos Computer Club event which was held in Germany has released footage of the live presentations which were given at the CCC 2015 conference. We have decided to create a list of the videos which have been published, so you can view them in your own free time. Please do note that we have…


Video :Iranian Cyber Army Parastoo Claim New York Dam Hack

Parastoo (Persian: پرستو ; swallow) Iranian hacker group claimed the credit for cyber attack on small Dam in New York city in 2013 ,said Democrat New York City Senator. According the report by NBC News Iranian cyber army have accessed and read files content passwords and user names between 22th August and 27th September in…


Anonymous Target Turkey For Supporting Islamic State

Hacktivist group Anonymous have declared cyber war against Turkey and the President “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” for supporting Islamic State (ISIS). In a Video published online anonymous threat to lunch Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS) cyber attacks on banks and financial organisations and Airports and Turkish Government related websites. According the Turkish media massive DDoS cyber attacks…


Anonymous Cyber Humor TrollingDay Battle ISIS

Anonymous hacktivist group declared war on Islamic State and have chosen Cyber humor strategy to Battle ISIS on Cyber Space. Anonymous new campaign against Islamic state named with #TrollingDay  and start on Friday 13-December to mock ISIS and its supporters as Idiots . After Paris ISIS terrorist attack Anonymous have shutdown thousand of Islamic state accounts…


Military Training for Cyberwar [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

Hackers are often very creative and they are not limited to boxes which will limit their capabilities, but when we look at the defensive side, the military side, you will see that these cyber soldiers are trained in specific directions, and for specific situations. Now in order to allow these cyber soldiers to grow –…