Anonymous targets the Vatican in Operation Vatican

Pope's butler convicted of leaking private documents, gets 18 months in prison

Vatican City: The pope's butler was convicted on Saturday of stealing the pontiff's

Anonymous fake OS, who is behind it?

In recent days, by chance I discussed with colleagues the relationship between the Vatican and Anonymous groups because I consider the Holy See a very attractive target for several reason. A few hours later the site of Vatican went down, while I was writing of the possibility of OpBlackout and regarding the basting operations to discredit the group in terms of media.

As repeatedly noted, hacktivism is not negligible, I believe it is the true phenomenon of the last decade that can change in a radical mode the policies and the choices at the global level of several countries. Contrary to what many think, Anonymous groups as well as stimulate dialogue on the technological effectiveness of many defense systems, focuses on many hot topics for today's society.