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Anonymous Ukraine US Army Attache e-mails hack update Video

Anonymous Ukraine released a new video update on youtube about hack into the email account of a U

Ukraine hit by massive cyberattacks

Millions of government computers have been hacked with the 'Snake', 'Turla' and 'Agent.BTZ' malware which could have been deployed by the Russians. The 'Snake' malware first appeared in 2006, but it seems that the 'Snake' malware is now being deployed for more aggressive attacks. The defense company BAE Systems, reported that since 2013, the Ukrainian government computers have been hit by this malware for at least 22 times. 

Ex-security service chief: Opposition behind Kiev deadly shootings

Ukraine’s former security chief confirms the allegations that the snipers who killed dozens of people in last month's anti-government protests operated from a building controlled by the opposition.

The Text that Changed the World

On Tuesday the Ukrainian government sent the following text message to thousands of protesters in the streets of Kiev: “Dear subscriber, you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance.” This short text belied a far more radical message. For the first time, a government was able to identify individual protesters and privately communicate to them that it knew who they were and where they were located.