Hoax: Facebook 'Online Libel Proof' feature

There is a new hoax spreading on the internet which is targeting Philippine users, the message claims that Philippine users will be monitored by Facebook and Twitter so that they will be defended against their government. The hoax claims that 'bad' language and 'sensitive' words will be changed with various words so that the users will not be targeted by the Philippine government.

Jobdeals Twitter Scam that will steal personal information

Be aware of the 'Twitter Job deals Scam", various users are reporting that they are rece

CrimeTweets: Twitter Job Deals scam on Twitter

Today Cyberwarzone received multiple Tweets that contained a shortened hyperlink to the job-deals

Twitter issues warning after hack attacks

Twitter has issued a warning to media organisations to improve the security of their tweeting pro

Twitter hosting CP & suspends Anonymous accounts reporting it

Twitter archive download function provided

Have you ever wanted to see your full Tweet history?

Tunisian Hackers take over Tel Aviv Police twitter feed

The Tel Aviv police twitter account has been hacked by Tunisian hackers.

Kid hacks 20 000 twitter users and defaces them with one mighty tweet

A Dutch kid named Reijnears&

What people said on Twitter when Facebook went offline

Today Facebook wen't offline and the tweets on Twitter with the hashtag #Facebook exploded.