How to weaponize your Chromebook with Linux

Stop and read this if you want to install Ubuntu on your awesome Chromebook, installing Linux on your Chromebook will allow you to enjoy the features that Ubuntu installations provide. In this tutorial you will be introduced step by step on how to install Linux on your Chromebook, you can do this by using dual-boot or Chroot. We also include some software that you MUST HAVE on your freshly installed Ubuntu Chromebook environment. 

Bulletproof guide to make malware go viral

Various tutorials are being spread on how internet marketers need to follow a couple of steps to make their content to go viral. This method also works for hackers that want their ‘malware’ to go viral. The internet is used daily by millions of users and there is a lot of money to be generated on the internet. Hackers have used multiple methods to ensure that their malware will spread and will infect the targets that they wish.

Delete 'Linkup' Ransomware tutorial

Hackers are infecting unaware users with the 'Linkup ransomware' which locks the victimiz

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The LinkedIn guide paper: How to make LinkedIn work for you

Welcome – the goal of this guide book is to let LinkedIn work for you.