Download Carberp Trojan Source code [Updated with pictures]

Are you searching for the leaked Carberp Trojan source code?

Japanese government uncovers a two-year long Trojan attack

Japan's Finance Ministry has admitted that sensitive government documents might have been leaked

Japan institutions victim of cyber espionage, is it cyber warfare?

Citadel trojan, migration of cybercrime to the deep web

Tinba World's smallest trojan banker just 20KB

There is a new trojan banker on the market. It's name is Tinba and Zusy. This trojan is 20kb's big and has been found by the CSIS Security Group A/S.

CSIS Security Group A/S has uncovered a new trojan-banker family which has been named Tinba (Tiny Banker) alias “Zusy”.

Eugene Kaspersky Presents "The threats of the Age of cyber-warfare"

Eugene Kaspersky presents on the cyber crime landscape and the threats of the age of cyber-warfare during Kaspersky Lab's Cyber Security Symposium and Global Corporate Product Launch.

Flashback Trojan, a business opportunity for all


DNSChanger , much ado about nothing and the wrong choice


Iran,Oil Industry under cyber attack,are we close to a military strike?

Cyber terrorism, cyber attacks against al Qaeda 2.0