Windows Hacking Tool - FREE DOWNLOAD

Take control of each Windows operating system with the CWZ CYBERWARZONE: Windows Hacking tool which you can download for free. This tool is equipped with a TCP Port scanner which will allow you to scan each port that you wish to scan. The program also allows you to take a look at the current IP which you are having, it allows you to find passwords installed on the system and much more. 

HTTP-based do it yourself botnet tool released

Webroot has found a new HTTP-based botnet tool that is written in Visual Basic 6.0.

TOOL: iKAT Interactive Kiosk Attack Tool + download

iKAT was designed to aid security consultants with the task of auditing the security of browser c

Firm Says “itsoknoproblembro” DDoS Toolkit Was Used in Recent Debilitating Cyber Attacks + download link

Armitage: Hacking management tool for Metasploit

Armitage is cyber attack management for Metasploit.

Download URGE Twitter Hijjack Tool + Manual by Anonymous

 The U.R.G.E project developed by Anonymous is a tool designed to simplify the usage of Twit

T50 Experimental Packet Injector Tool + video

Multi-protocol packet injector tool for *nix systems.

The Facebook PWN Tool: An Egyptian social engineering tool

A group of security researchers in Egypt have created a tool that will make social engineering ea

Download RefRef: The Anonymous DDOS tool


RefRef is a probably a new LOIC tool for Anonymous hackers that want to take down websites. The RefRef tool is supposed to replace the LOIC tool in September. 
Low orbit ion cannon are used to bring down websites. It sends a lot of requests to the server which makes the server unable to answer all the requests. 

BeEF: The Browser Exploitation Framework

The Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF) is a powerful professional security tool.