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#Anonymous Response to #FawkesSecurity’s #opV threats. Please disseminate it:

Greetings from Anonymous     

This message is to the media:

The State of Information Security

While information security is much better today than it has ever been before; it is far from being in a position to adequately deal with modern-day threats. In order to address the gap, we must dive deeper in to the problem and develop an embraceable strategy for success. It is only when we understand who our adversaries are and what their motivations and tactics are will we be in a position to address the problem.

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Anonymous: Responds to L33t S3curity threat

During my daily search on youtube i found a respond from Anonymous towards L33t S3curity. L33t Security had issued a warning towards Anonymous this week. 

Here you can read the transcript of the Anonymous video respond to the threat of L33t S3curity.