New antiaircraft weapons arrived for rebels in Syria

Rebels in Syria have obtained new weapons which will increase their chance of resistance against military vehicles, the video shows how the have modified numerous of house hold items to dangerous weapons which launch grenades, bullets and missiles. Make sure that you watch this! 

Shocking video: Takfiri terrorists strangle Syrian girl in public

A grisly video has emerged showing Takfiri terrorists operating in Syria strangulating a young gi

Syria is wiped off the Internet Google reports

Syria has seen a massive slump in Internet traffic, with the country effectively cut off from the

Who is the fsa? by TurtleCr3w


Emails Gov Syria Hacked by Mauritania Attacker

The hacker Mauritania Attacked introduced an attack on the Syrian government website.

Syrian Electronic Army hack Israeli news website & leaks credentials

The Syrian Electronic Army has released an new pastebin fil

Cyber war escalates in Syria

A sophisticated cyber insurgency is battling a shadowy team working on behalf of the Assad regime

Extreme R.A.T. used in Syrian war to spread malware

Symantec released a new report on a R.A.T. that uses the conflict in Syria to spread.

Syrian Internet Goes Offline As Assad Delivers Rare Address

The Free Syrian Army launches ATGM missile

The FSA shows in a video that they have anti-tank weapons and that they are capable of firing the