Zero-day vulnerability in Symantec PGP Whole Disk Encryption


Symantec: Cyber crooks make millions off ransomware

Symantec released new research this morning highlighting what it calls a rapid expansion of ranso

Flashback Trojan, a business opportunity for all


Huawei – Symantec, broken join venture and the fear on chinese firms


Symatec data leak, too many doubts on the assumption of extortion

 The story is familiar to all, the Source Code, the Source code of property of Symantec comp

Cybercrime: Symantec negotiating with Yamatough hacker claiming 50k for stolen documents

The hacker "Yamatough" has posted an pastebin file were Yamatough is under negotiations

W32.Duqu: 15 Unanswered questions by Symantec

Today Symantec announced that they obtained a new type of Stuxnet virus.

Cyber Crooks All Set to Crash the British Royal Wedding

 As we have seen with many major events in the past, news of the British Royal Wedding is cu

Symantec Guide to Scary Internet series 1 to 7